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Antique auctions and stores online

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List of Russian antique auctions and stores online

Volmar (RUS)
Online auction of coins and medals, coupons invites you to take part in the auction. On our site you'll find a unique numismatic material. The site is open section on trade in antiques, as well as a full-featured online store coins, medals, Bonn and antiques. At the auction features rare, collectible coins, antique coins, medals tsarist Russia, the imperial coinage of France, Rome, China, the Soviet Union coins. STANDART presented at auction silver, gold and copper coins, as well as other ancient coins of past centuries. Lots of commemorative coins, Soviet coins, coin savings bank, paper money.
GELOS (RUS) Moscow
Gelos was established in Moscow in 1988 and is renowned for being the leading Fine Art and Antiquities auctioneers throughout Russia and CIS countries. Gelos has representation throughout Europe with offices based in Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Riga and Warsaw focused on dealing with russian and international art and antiquities. Coins, Medals, Old Books, Maps, Antique Arms. Art Gallery: Paintings. Art Gallery: Graphics. Orthodox Icons. Contemporary Art Gallery, Jewels, Decorative Art silver, gold, bronze, porcelain, glass. Antique Furniture.
Gravura (Engraving) (RUS)
In this online store You can buy genuine antique things. Old engravings, etchings, woodcuts, and lithographs. In the catalogue old prints on the following topics: Types of city Landscapes, Portraits Forms, suits, fashion Maps Animals and plants Genre scenes Military scene Prints with beautiful original Religion Chef-d'oeuvres Drawings and plans of Russian artists of the Plans of Russian cities East of Decorative and applied art of the Nations of the world Antiquity.
St. Petersburg auction working on the antiques market for over five years, holds regular auctions, which exhibits works by Russian masters of XVIII-XX centuries., recognized the work of Soviet artists, Western European paintings XVII-XX centuries, decorative arts, works of used books and numismatics. One of the new activities of the Auction House is SOVKOM ticket. At auctions Medals and coins can be assessed a wide range of numismatic rarities from ancient coins of ancient Greece and Rome, to the Byzantine and Russian banknotes of gold and silver. Rare Coins of the Soviet, collectible, commemorative, zodiac signs.
Antique Shop (RUS)
Online shop: jewelry, painting, drawing, sculpture, porcelain and earthenware, biscuits, ceramics, antique silver, household items, icons, utensils, dishes, cast iron, coins, orders, medals, furniture, furnishings, objects eastern culture: China, India, Japan netsuke, boxes, fans, vases. Age of Empire Qin, Ming. Consultation professional expert gemologist. Guarantees the confidentiality and security of transactions.
The Russian Icon Store (ENG)
Dealer of Russian Orthodox icons. All items are guaranteed to be genuine antiques. In addition to a truly magnificent and historically significant works of Orthodox art, there are wonderful Russian icons, antique religious items for all tastes and financial capabilities. Online store is constantly updated with new icons, relics and religious artifacts.
ЗнакЪ (ENG)
The auction is numismatics, faleristics Bonistics and subjects of Russian antiquity . Russia's only auction house , provides a guarantee of 7 years on all purchased collectibles . To participate in the auction in two ways: by attending in person in the hall or in absentia, through the Internet or by phone from anywhere in the world.
Auction house: paintings and antiques. Antiquarian books, paintings and antiques auction, orders, medals, insignia of the Russian Empire. Collectible photos, old maps, books, prints. Cabinet bronze sculpture. Line, the artist crafts. Military attributes. Russian artists painting 18, 19, 20 century. Auctions used books, faleristics and numismatics. Rare coins. Letters, autographs, rarities with bookplates.
МасDougall`s (ENG)
English auction house, the only one in the world that specializes exclusively in Russian, Soviet nekonformistkom and the post-Soviet fine art: paintings, drawings, icons, decorative articles of the Russian masters. Since its founding in 2004, MacDougall's among the top three sales of Russian art, holding a quarter of the world market in this sector, despite the fact that the trades are conducted every two godv within Russian week in London. The planned expansion of activities in several areas, including private sales and the opening of a new office in Moscow, no doubt allow the auction house MacDougall's multiply the successes of previous years.
AntiqueShop (RUS)
Online shop of antiques and collectibles. It works since 1999. Antique clock, icons, silver, porcelain, bronze, samovars, antiques and art. Sculptures made of stone, glass, plaster, wood. Military and maritime antiques. Vintage costume jewelry and ornaments. The project is open for cooperation with organizations, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals whose activities are related to antiques and collectibles, as well as with forwarding and courier services.
artDynasty (RUS)
Antique Salon-Shop: antiques for collectors and fans. The catalog Russian antiques, Japanese antiques, various antiques, art bronze, brass, silver, copper, wood, porcelain, crystal, iron, tin, marble. Candlesticks, candelabras, vases, various furniture, tableware, figurines, skulprtury, interior.
Russian Bibliophile (RUS)
Used bookstore: buy sell unique antique books, artistic literature, philosophy, history, poetry, travel and geography, Judaica, albums, atlases, maps, prints, posters, lithographs, etchings, books in foreign languages 17 18 19 century. These ancient books. Old postcards, magazines, newspapers. Photo. A directory. A convenient search system. Rare Radit
Auctions SU (RUS)
Internet auction sales and purchases in the online mode of things and objects of the Soviet era. Decorations, medals, items with Olympic symbols Olympics 80, USSR badges, stamps, postcards, appliances, Soviet propaganda porcelain, books, watches, motorcycles, home furnishings, accessories, lithographs, sculptures and statues of leaders, posters, musical instruments, paintings, graphics, bonistika, philately, records, paraphernalia, Soviet symbols, commemorative coins. Rubric site exhibited items with antiques, old and antiques from different ages and countries.
100 centures (ENG)
Huge antique internetshop. There are works of art and antiques, put up for sale by leading antique salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia and CIS, crystal, bronze, silver, art, numismatics, graphics, jewelry, glass, porcelain, valuable documents, old maps, icons, housewares, home furnishings, classic things, orders, medals, modern, ancient, antique clocks, textiles, as well as pictures of the best contemporary artists.
Zolotnik (RUS)
Numismatic online auctions. Automatic Trading System. Sale and purchase: Russian and foreign coins, commemorative Soviet rubles royal chasing Peter, Catherine, Nicholas era, modern coins with Olympic symbols, commemorative coins of foreign countries. Convenient search form on open lots. Any form of payment bought coins. Low prices. Comfortable shape to buy rare coins on-line on the Internet.
Coins auction (RUS)
Mint online auction. auction. Numismatics, bonistika, faleristics, simple and fair rules. Online shop for collectors. Coins: Russian royal coinage until 1917, (regional issues), Soviet coins RSFSR, USSR 1921-1991, Russia after 1991, foreign. Modern collectible coins Russian silver and gold. Sets of coins, paper money, bonds, bills, philately, philocarty, badges, insignia, badges, medals, decorations. Forum. Convenient search of coins, stamps, postcards.
Antique Dolls (RUS)
A site devoted to dolls, history, and collecting antique dolls. Offers antique porcelain dolls for sale: German, French, Russian, accepted requests for identification. Antique online store offers a rare antique dolls 19th-early 20th century made in France, Germany, Russia. Doll houses, furniture, clothes for dolls. Photo of antique dolls and toys. Literature about the history of dolls.
Шато (RUS)
Shop Antiques and art Nouveau metal: Vienna bronze, silver, spifr, brass, porcelain, bone, glass, jewelry, sculpture, figurines. The vintage. Tableware. Chasing. The vase. This is a great opportunity to experience the charm of true works of art in the comfort and convenience of a city apartment or a country house.
Silver series (RUS) Moscow
Antique shop on the Arbat. Sale, Antiques, glass, Vienna bronze, porcelain sculpture - Meissen antique silver decanters, vases, rook, sharnice, crockery, silverware, Cup holders, paintings, antique jewellery, antique icons, icons in silver frames; watches: pocket, coach, wall, floor, fireplace, fireplace headset, industrial. All for collectors and connoisseurs of art and Antiques search and purchase on-line via a global computer network. Convenient search form, order and purchase.
Kentavr (RUS)
Antiques, paintings, antique paintings of the 19th, 20th century, the Golden age of the Wanderers, the Soviet paintings, rare Antiques and antique furnishings, magnificent collection of subjects of interior, sculpture, glassware, porcelain, faience, biscuit, terracotta, clocks, candelabra 18, 19 century. Art Studio. Real best low rates.
Russian enamel (RUS)
Large and reputable auction house that sells antiques in the salon and at auction. Here you can find rare sculpture, Japanese and European porcelain, paintings, jewelry, silverware, ceramics, antiques interior enamel, icons, masterpieces of glass. Objects of Russian empire, imperial houses of France, Japan and China. Gallery antiques. Admission and assessment of things for the auction. In addition, an antique house assists in the formation of private and corporate collections.
Bilina (RUS)
Antique shop. Antique furniture, paintings, paintings, antique weapons, glass, porcelain, pottery, jewelry, watches, books, manuscripts, albums, numismatics: coins, medals, orders, badges, decorations, crafts, utensils, dishes, optical devices, mechanisms, religious items, utensils, icons, crosses, Orthodox symbolism. Cheap rates.
Siberian numismatic online internet auction. Russian coins before 1917 (Silver), mite, Russian Coins before 1917 (copper), Coins of the RSFSR, USSR, Russia (Ruble, penny), anniversary, Olympic. Ancient Coins of the Roman Empire, ancient Greece. Imperial coinage. Ancient European and Asian coins. Antik coins banknotes, Coins Antique, medieval, anniversary. Awards, medals, badges, chevrons, badges, insignia at low prices. Convenient form of buying and selling coins. Auction 24 hours.
Magnum Ars (RUS)
Auctions painting. You can buy the paintings of Russian and Western European artists XVIII, XIX, XX century. Auction house Magnum Ars regularly conducts specialized auction of paintings. You can participate in auctions of paintings as a buyer or as a partner in the sale of a convenient way for you (personally attending the auction or remotely). Among the names displayed in the gallery of paintings and painting at auction Unification Magnum ARS such as Aivazovsky, Borisov-Musatov, Vasnetsov, Dubovskoy Konchalovsky Crimea, Kuindji, Levitan, Lentulov, Mashkov, Nesterov, Polenov, Udaltsov, Shishkin.
Popular Internet auction Russia. Online sale and purchase of any goods and subjects of a huge number of thematic categories trades: lots Pets, indoor plants, gifts, art, painting, drawing, sculpture, porcelain, bronze, silver, antique, Antiques, books, magazines, clothes and shoes, photographic equipment, supplies, sporting goods, tablets, mobile phones, coins, Antiques, stamps and blocks of stamps on themes orders, medals, painting, paintings, sculpture, art, antique cold steel, firearms, painting, drawing, books, rare editions, ancient objects. The ability to find rare ancient coins, Imperial coinage Russia, France.
The Internet shop of Antiques and things, outdoor gallery project composed of several major private collections of antique and rare things Russian collectors. The opportunity to buy the perfect gift. Great opportunity to buy online via the Internet: antiques, curiosities, old engravings, rare antique silver, antique china, books, paintings, vintage maps, posters, postcards, used books. Reasonable prices, guaranteed authenticity. Mail delivery cash on delivery.
Archer (RUS)
Internet salon antique weapons. Sale and assistance in the sale of antique weapons, selection and collection of ancient weapons atributatsiya. Tags: armor, accessories, uniforms, cold, firearms, East, Europe, Russia, the Third Reich weapons, edged weapons of the British Royal Guard. Literature on antique weapons. In other sections: antiques, icons, porcelain, jewelry, ornaments of gold and silver, bronze and copper.
Artembassy (EN) Latvian
Auction house: bronze, items made ​​of brass, metal, nickel silver, porcelain and faience figurines, ornamental art, glass, vases, furniture, jewelry, cutlery. Paintings, graphics. Tapestries, embroidered panels, carpets, glassware, antique appliances inexpensive.
Old book (RUS)
Website antiquarian bookstore offers to buy online via the Internet: Antique unique books, albums, maps, atlases, rare autographs, books with bookplates, folios, records, vinyl, profitable at low prices. Search old books to order. Formation of home and office libraries. Delivery by courier or mail COD, ordered by post to worldwide. Any payment types: with bankovkogo accounts, plastic credit cards, electronic payment systems, electronic money: WebMoney, PayPal, MasterCard, RBK.
Online auction site KONROS. Sell​​, buy collectible coins, medals, badges, coupons. Smartlot. Start with 1 ruble. In the library of the auction house presented a wide selection of archival documents, auction catalogs from around the world and a variety of numismatic publications. Coin catalog stocked with lots of background information and has an electronic application that includes over half a million images of coins and open for free access on the Internet.
Coins Market (RUS)
The online store offers to buy: foreign, Russian, vintage, coins and tokens. Silver, gold coins, Coins Australia and Oceania, Russia, Soviet Union, neighboring countries, Central America, North America, Africa, South America, Asia, Europe. Ancient Coins of the Roman Empire, ancient Hellas. Bona. Guaranteed delivery to the buyer.
Online shop of military antiques. Leibstandarte. Antique store will open before you simply phenomenal possibilities are truly magnificent and rational purchase. Opportunity to buy: objects and items for collectors of military subjects. First and Second World War. Cold steel and firearms, insignia, helmets, helmets, layouts, sabers, swords, knives, swords and daggers, swords and broadswords SS SA, NSKK, NPEA ground forces Luftwaffe, DLV, NSFK Kriegsmarine, weapons of the Third Reich, Imperial Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Japanese military paraphernalia, military subjects, form armies of the USA, USSR, UK, submitted photos of weapons and paraphernalia and souvenirs. Delivery by mail COD low prices. Purchase of military paraphernalia and cheap items online via the Internet.
Russian seasons (RUS)
Online auctions. Gallery. Salon. Antique silver, furniture, paintings, drawings, engravings, cast iron, porcelain, glass, crystal, ceramic, Orthodox icons, miniatures, decorative items, stamps, photos, watches, rare books, lithographs.
Antique book (RUS)
Internet shop of antique books, large selection of antique and second-hand books, autographs, reference books on collectibles, easel and book illustrations, vintage photos. In a special section of highly charged objects and gift editions. On sale there is always: Russian and Soviet collectible porcelain (available over 500 pieces), art glass of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union (in the collection of over 400 items of salon), and a large number of specialized literature on porcelain, glass. We accept orders for Library Collection and porcelain collections. Bargain prices. Photo catalog.
Era (RUS)
Salon in which you propose to buy antique furniture, different eras, styles, trends, from Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Holland and France. Antique: Dining sets, Bedroom sets Group Cabinet Dressers, cabinets Bookcases, secretaries Cabinets, Showcases benches, benches Bars Upholstered beds Dinner table desk, coffee tables Office Chairs, Vanity Cabinets, tables, magazine racks and hangers Wall Mirrors vitrinki portal fireplace hanger Interior Figurines made of porcelain and ceramics. Also, you can buy online through the Internet: home furnishings Metal Furniture Fixtures Watch Tapestries from India Souvenirs from India vases, candle holders from India.
Bonuman (RUS)
Numismatic online shop: online catalog contains coins Imperial Russia, the Soviet Union, modern Russia, USA, Germany and other countries of the world, ancient and medieval coins. is not only selling site is also a site where you can estimate your subject and (or) sell it to us. Buy items made ​​in Yekaterinburg. Possible to make a preliminary assessment on the quality scans or photos.
Modus Vivendi (RUS)
Paintings for sale, paintings, antiques, collectibles, interior. Antiques: Archaeological finds, Used books, maps, Graphics, Other, Painting, Iconography, Carpets and Tapestries, Furniture, Metal, Musical instruments, clothing, weapons and armor, Lighting, Posters, Home Appliances, church worship, machinery and tools, Drawing, Sculpture, Vehicles, Glass, Fabrics, porcelain and ceramics, pictures, watches, jewelry.
ГЕММА (RUS) Ukrainan Kiev
Internet shop of antiques and vintage items, metal products, biscuit, shpiatra, wood, glass, porcelain, bronze, copper, silver. Oriental vases, European antique pocket watches, sculptures, paintings and drawings, numismatics, faleristics. Ancient orthodox icons, church utensils, books. Porcelain figurines, antique furniture, home furnishings and decorations.
Антиквариат (RUS)
Piatigorsky's antiques. Antiques, Icons, Crosses, Samovar, Painting, Graphics, Cookware, Sets, Silver, Bronze, cutlery, antique books, porcelain and earthenware. Ancient pottery. The old masters. Lighting fixtures, statuettes and figurines. Furniture. Place of purchase antiques online via the Internet. Reasonable prices. Convenient Categories.
Sponge cake (RUS)
Poster shop antique and vintage dolls: antique dolls and bears; dolls in national costumes. Luxury German and French porcelain doll beauty, or amazing dolls of cloth, composite, or papier-mache. Plastic production pups by GDR, puppet accessories.
Hermes (RUS)
Online auction of coins, medals, stamps, paper money. A huge number of lots in the categories Ancient Coins of Greece, Rome, Byzantium and the Middle Ages. Gold, silver and copper coins of Imperial Russia. Commemorative medal of the RSFSR, USSR and modern Russia. Foreign XV-XX centuries. Modern and investment coins made of gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Postage stamps of the USSR. Rare stamps from different countries. Paper banknotes public and private issues of different countries. Antiques and jewelry.
d'Putti (RUS)
Ineternet antiques shop and antiques. Selling, buying over the Internet antiques vintage home furnishings, furniture, clocks, bronze, porcelain, silver, jewelry, paintings, prints, paintings, jewelry vintage jewelry, household items and interior, Russian porcelain. Photo catalog of items. Rare collectibles, masterpieces of old masters tsarist Russia. Cheap prices.
Акант (RUS)
The gallery specializes on the highly artistic subjects of old times representing historical interest. The main sphere of professional interests – painting and graphics of the Russian artists of XIX, the beginning of the XX centuries, and also the Russian painting of the end of the XVIII century, work of foreign masters of XVIII the beginnings of the XX centuries and work of the most famous artists of the Soviet period.
Collect-Online (RUS)
Online store by means of which it is possible to exchange, sell and buy coins, banknotes, bonds and brands of various countries. In the catalog it is always possible to find ancient coins, and also modern copies in an excellent state and at the attractive price. If you solved, to buy coins of times of the Russian Empire or the USSR, glance in appropriate section of the site.

On online auction S.O.L.D.E.S. (RUS) to buy, sell, trade:

Autsiony for collectors and antique dealers. Mineralogy, paleontology, meteorites, antique dishes, interior. Numismatics: vintage and collectible coins. Faleristika: badges, medals, decorations. Philately: rare stamps, blocks, stamps. Used books, autographs. Ceramics, terracotta, faience, European and Chinese porcelain biscuit. Bronze, tin, nickel silver, red brass, shpiatr. Crystal, art glass, vintage jewelry. Watches, appliances, home furnishings. Items royal and imperial family. Furniture. 17, 18, 19, 20 century. Antiques catalog. Bulletin board. Excellent opportunity to buy antiques extra online via the World Wide Internet. Mail delivery cash on delivery.

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