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How do I enable JavaScript in your browser?

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Description enabling JavaScript

JavaScript, programming language used for creating websites. If you disable JavaScript, some services web, there can not be used. For example: order, purchase, payment for goods in Internet stores, drug stores, auctions, posting information on bulletin boards, foreign exchange transactions, social networking Web 2.0: FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace etc.
Website report:
JavaScript may be disabled in your browser settings
Unfortunately, your browser's JavaScript disabled. Please enable it

This page Check enable JavaScript in your browser you have the opportunity to test the browser: learn on or off the option if you want to include this option. Read the rules on this page, get the list of your browser and switch support.

Internet Explorer (5-11) Android WebKit (1.0) Netscape Navigator (8.0) Mozilla Firefox (23-54) Mozilla Firefox (1.3-21.0) K-Meleon (1.5-75) Ice Weasel (2.0) Flock (1.0) Opera (15) Opera (11-12) Opera (8.2-9.6) Opera AC(9.2) Google Chrome (17) Yandex (1.5) Chrome (22) Apple Safari (1.0) Apple Safari (3.1) for Windows Mozilla (1.6-1.8) Epiphany (1.0.7) Konqueror (KDE 3.1-3.5) Galion (1.3.12) Avant (10-11) Slim Browser (4.0) Sea Monkey (1.0.3) Net Captor (6.5) Green Browser (4.2) Maxthon (1.6) Dolphin (10.0.1)

Internet Explorer (5-11)

In the top menu bar, click Tools.

Select Internet Options.

Click the Security tab.

Click Custom Level.

Scroll down to the Scripting section.

To set the Active Scripting setting Enable (Enable), click OK and Apply.

Android WebKit (1.0)

From the menu, select More

Select Settings

Check the box next to Enable JavaScript

Netscape Navigator (8.0)

In the top menu bar, choose Tools

Select the Site Controls

Check the box Enable JavaScript and select OK

Mozilla Firefox (23-54)

In the address bar write about: config

Read the warning and click the consent warning

Scroll through the list to line javascript.enabled

Click on the line, right-click call kontektsnoe menu

If the flag is false, choose the context menu row Swap (Change)

Toggle (Change) get a flag true

Close tab

Mozilla Firefox (1.3-21.0)

In the top menu bar, click Tools

Select Settings.

On the top bar, click Content.

Check Install JavaScript and OK.

K-Meleon (1.5-76)

In the top pane, click Tools

Open item Privacy

Remove the check mark from Block JavaScript

Ice Weasel (2.0)

In the top menu bar, select Edit

Select Settings.

On the top bar, click Content.

Check Install JavaScript and OK.

Flock (1.0)

In the main panel select Tools (Tools)

Open Tools, bottom line Options (Settings)

In Options Open Content (Content)

Check the box Enable JavaScript and select OK

Opera (15)

In the upper left corner of the logo do click on (Opera)

Select the Settings tab

Select Websites

Set the radio button Allow JavaScript (recommended)

Close the Settings tab

Opera (11-12)

On the panel, select Menu


Quick Settings

Check the box to use JavaScript

Opera (8.2-9.6)


Quick Settings

Set JavaScript check box

Opera AC(9.2)

Select Settings in the top bar

Set JavaScript check box

Google Сhrome (17)

In the right corner panel, click the icon of service (wrench) or (cog)

Select Settings

Select the Settings tab

In Settings select Advanced

Click on the button Content settings

Set checkbox JavaScript Allow all sites to use JavaScript

Close the Settings tab or OK

Yandex Browser (1.5) Chrome (22)

In the right corner panel, click the icon of service (cog)

Select Settings

At the bottom of the tab, click on the row Show advanced settings

Clicking on the Configure content ...

In the pop-up window, set the radio button Enable JavaScript for all sites

Click OK

Close the Settings tab

Apple Safari (3.1) for Windows

In the top menu bar, select Edit

Select Settings

Click Security

Check the box Connect JavaScript.

Apple Safari (1.0)

In the top menu bar, select Safari.

Select Preferences.

Select Security.

Check the box Enable JavaScript.

Mozilla (1.6-1.8)

Choose Edit.

Select Settings.

Click Advanced.

Scripts and modules.

The Navigator set JavaScript.

Epiphany (1.0.7)

The top line, select Edit

Change settings

Select Privacy

JavaScript enabled

Konqueror (KDE 3.1-4.0)


Options HTML

JavaScript is

Galion (1.3.12)

On the menu bar, open the Web Content

Select Scripts and Plugins

Tick ​​Enable JavaScripts

Avant (10-11)


Remove the check mark (Disable script)

Slim Browser (4.0)

Click on the toolbar.

Select download management.

Install checkbox Run Scripts.

Sea Monkey (1.0.3)

Choose Edit.

Select Settings.

Click Advanced.

Scripts and modules.

The Navigator set JavaScript

Net Captor (6.5)

Select Security in the top panel

Select Scripting-Enable

Set Enable

Green (4.2)

Select Settings


Set JavaScript.

Maxthon (1.6)

At the top of the Options panel

Click the Download Control

Tick ​​Allow Scripts

Dolphin (10.0.1)

In the menu, select Settings

Open the Web page content

Allow JavaScript to Install

Brief information about JavaScript Web berauzerov different versions.

JavaScript is not supported: text browser such as Lynx, w3m, Links, older versions of desktop browsers Netscape Navigator-1, Internet Explorer-2; browsers in most mobile phones (smartphones, communicators): Opera Mini, NetFront, Bold, Minimo, Doris, as well as some types of graphical browsers: Amaya, Ditto. Partly JavaScript supports text browser eLinks (at the level of simple scripts). In some browsers, the opposite is not possible to disable the execution of JavaScript, the user interface, such as Google Chrome 10 version.
Javascript option is included in all modern web browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Safari, Chrome default, installing the browser into the operating system.
Attention is drawn to the fact that blocking Java Script, can be caused by using a firewall, antivirus software, a proxy server, anonymizer. In these cases, a change of policy options JavaScript must perform in these programs. Often the message without JavaScript occur due to incorrect configuration of web servers, code page or use rare versions of JavaScript and frameworks, it should notify the site administrator.
Note: The programming languages ​​Java and JavaScript, they are two different languages, including their actions, divided into Web browser settings.

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